Valheim Is Coming to Game Pass

Valheim is one of the hottest games of this generation, and now the game is finally coming to Game Pass.

Valheim game pass
This is gonna look good on Game Pass | © TJ Foo, ArtStation

Alright, you know the deal: Valheim is amazing. If you've never played it, that's probably because you're not a PC gamer, otherwise there's really no excuse, because... this game is incredible. Naturally, with a game making waves the way Valheim did, screams were loud that the game should become more widely available, and well... now it is: Valheim is coming to Game Pass.

Game Pass Adds Valheim

The news was confirmed during the Xbox showcase, and, more specifically, Valheim is coming to Game Pass on September 29. That's the good news, now on to the bad news: For now, Valheim will only be playable on Game Pass for PC, though a version for consoles is already in the works as well: Valheim will be coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X in 2023, at which point it will also be available for Game Pass on consoles and mobile.

Of course, Valheim is not the only hot item in the survival world anymore: V Rising is making major waves, and many are obviously already screaming for the game to come to consoles. Well... it might be a while until that comes to fruition, but at least Valheim is already on the right track.