This Game Is the New Valheim... With Vampires

V Rising is dominating Steam, and due to its survival nature, it's quickly earning comparisons to Valheim.
V rising game valheim
The new star in the survival game genre. | © V Rising

V Rising. Yeah, I know, it sounds like something you don't want your parents to find in your browsing history, but it's actually... a new game. A major new game. V Rising is a vampire survival game, that's quickly drawing comparisons to Valheim, not just due to its nature, but also due to its sudden success on Steam.

V Rising Is Dominating Steam

As is the case with all Steam success stories these days, the game is still only in Early Access, but that hasn't stopped 500,000 people from playing it, with the peak concurrent players number reaching an impressive 130,000. Unfortunately, V Rising is only available on PC, but has very forgiving system requirements.

To make the numbers above even more impressive, V Rising launched on May 17, so it hit half a million players in under 10 days - in fact, it did so on May 20, after just 3 days. Gameplay wise, the simplest description for V Rising is: Valheim, except with vampires instead of vikings. Of course, seeing as how players control vampires, the night is your friend, and the sun is your enemy. Outside of survivng, you build castles, convert humans, and build your vampire empire.

If you want to join the hype, you'll have to cough up $19.99, which is what V Rising is going for on Steam - not including the optional DLC.