This Pokemon Red & Blue Remake Looks Amazing

Dedicated fans have remade Pokemon Red & Blue, and it's easily the most beautiful rendition of Pokemon ever.

Nintendo isn't really one to allow fans to do anything with their IPs, so it's sad that this beautiful Pokemon Red & Blue remake will likely never be distributed in any legal way. Still, it is gorgeous to look at, and the work of some truly talented fans. But... judge for yourself:

I mean... I'm at a loss for words, seriously. This is anything I ever wanted from Pokemon (aside from the fact that I want an r-rated Pokemon game, God of War style), and it saddens my heart that Nintendo never cares to really introduce any innovation of this kind to the series.

In fact, rather than this timeless hand-drawn anime style, the new Pokemon games are more and more cartoony, and, in my opinion, surviving on the name, rather than the merit of the gameplay.

Sadly the above clip is all we have from this gorgeous Pokemon Red & Blue remake, though I have hope that if this garners enough attention... who knows it might just be the cutest game ever to be dealt in the underground market. I for one, can not unsee that which I have seen, and I am still waiting for someone to copy the monster-catching mechanic into a new franchise that cares more about its fans. Also, I want that r-rated monster-hunting game, that's not Monster Hunter, and actually let's me pits the monsters against one another. On that note: I miss Jade Cocoon.