Pokemon Arceus Is Getting an Anime

Pokemon Legends Arceus is getting a brand-new web series, set in Hisui. Here's everything we know about it.
Pokemon hisuian snow
Looks... kind of dramatic for Pokemon. I like it. | © Pokemon

Pokemon will never end: I don't know if anyone's kept count of the amount of Pokemon games that exist (I know that you can check on Google), and now the series is returning back to where I first discovered it: Anime. Not that it ever left anime, I just wanted to sound dramatic...

Pokemon Legends Arceus Anime

The best types of announcements are those immediately followed by a release date, and this is one of them. The new Pokemon anime goes by the name of Hisuian Snow and it will launch on May 18, and it will be a web series that you can watch for free on YouTube.

The show will be centered around Alec, who is an aspiring doctor that boards a boat to Hisui. There, he will embark on a quest to find some herbs in a land that he previously only visited with his father. Said father relocated to the Hisui region, and eventually warned his son of following him, as the Pokemon inhabited region is dangerous and because he believes Pokemon and humans can not coexist.

Sounds promising, but at the same time... it doesn't really give anything away, which is not a bad thing, because it means we'll be going into this one spoiler-free when Hisuian Snow releases on May 18.