There Is a Pokémon Shooter. With Blood. Now I've Seen it All.

Some things you just don't expect, like Kim Kardashian dating Pete Davidson, or Pokémon getting a shooter. Yet, here we are.

Pokemon Shooter
Gotta shoot em all. | © Dragon_GameDev2

Wtf. Like, how else do I start this article? There is a Pokémon shooter. With weapons, ammo, killing, and blood. Yes. An actual shooter in which you actually shoot and kill 'em all.

The game was made by Reddit user Dragon_GameDev2 on Unreal Engine, so, yes, granted, it is fan-made, but honestly, it looks better than Arceus and has all the official Pokémon, so who really cares about the developer? Don't believe me? I wouldn't either, so here's some gameplay:

Nintendo & GameFreaks Take Down Pokémon Shooter Everywhere

Unsurprisingly, Nintendo wasn't exactly hyped about this, and took down the shooter everywhere. Who would've thought? They're usually so easy-going with their licenses...

Nintendo taking down the shooter everywhere, once again proving that they truly understand the difference between copyright-infringement and fun fan-made projects. Or... maybe... just... maybe... they're working on a shooter and don't want the market over-saturated?


This year I've decided I'm going to make a game a month. The first month is.. Pokemon FPS??!? from IndieGaming

So, yeah, if you want to hunt down Pokémon and shoot them, you'll have to join the dark side and find some less official ways to secure your version of Dragon_GameDev2's little project. Or... I'm guessing you could just contact him via Reddit to send you a copy, and he'll happily do so. Just don't cc Nintendo, and don't tell them we told you how to get your Pokémon-kiling on.

Oh, while we're at it: Pokémon Arceus gameplay is getting leaked, and it now has 60 FPS. Don't believe me? Well, you'll have to read this to find out, then: Somebody Already Owns Pokémon Arceus And Is Leaking Everything

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