Norman Reedus Leaks Major Death Stranding 2 News

Death Stranding 2 has been rumored for a while, now, Norman Reedus, has confirmed said rumors.
Death Stranding
Norman Reedus confirmed Death Stranding 2. | © Death Stranding

So, Norman Reedus recently sat down for an interview with the site Leo, and the good sir suggested that Death Stranding is in fact getting the sequel, we all assumed it woud get anyway, and which he already leaked in the past. This time, Reedus stated that the production for the game has "just started".

Hideo Kojima Is Working on Death Stranding 2

When asked about the book and the Walking Dead spinoff, Reedus was asked about the filming of Death Stranding, to which he simply replied "We just started the second one".

And there you have it. In fact, we could wrap this article up right here, but there is one thing left on my mind: Will Death Stranding be Hideo Kojima's new franchise? If so, that would be quite disappointing. I mean, the man tweeted this just recently:

And obviously, with the toys being Ultraman merch, this has nothing to do with Death Stranding whatsoever, which brings me to my point: Hideo Kojima loves anime, and it's long overdue that we get an anime game from a truly legendary game developer. Death Stranding was fun, but it was also... bland. Meanwhile, having Kojima lend his vision to an all-out anime game, could change the game... it could lead to a future where anime game adaptions become more than just cash-grabs. But hey... maybe Genshin Impact is already leading that charge...