Is Hideo Kojima Working on a League of Legends Game?

Hideo Kojima has posted his review of Arcane after finishing all 9 episodes. What's his verdict?

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One thing we can say, is that he liked Vi and her Gauntlets. | © Riot Games/Netflix

You guys love Metal Gear Solid? You enjoyed playing Death Stranding and almost peed yourself while playing the P.T trailer? Well, these games were made by none other than Hideo Kojima.

The game creator and storyteller has been quite vocal on Twitter in regards to the Netflix series Arcane and what he thought of it. Did he enjoy the show or was it a dud? Of course, he liked it, everyone liked Arcane! That’s what the ratings on rotten tomatoes and imdb have also stated!

Hideo Kojima Loves Arcane

The Japanese video game designer has been quite vocal on Twitter in regard to his sentiment towards the show. He finished watching the 9 episodes and stated that he would not be able to watch any other CG Anime for a while, due to the visual Arcane offered.

Not only that, but he also showed some love for his favorite scene which came in episode 6. He praised the musical choices of the show as well and has drawn some similarities to other movies as well which remind him of the story that is played out in Arcane.

Oh and Kojima is also a fan of Vi with her gauntlets. A true man of culture right there, because Vi with the gauntlets is just superb.

Hideo Kojima Initially Declined to Go to the Premier

It seems like Hideo Kojima would have had a chance to watch the premiere live in Los Angeles as well, but the game designer chose not to go. Does this mean he regrets not going? He could have met with some Riot execs and a Riot x Kojima game could have become a reality!

Okay, that last part could just be our pipe dream, but a Kojima game in the world of Runeterra could make for some insane storylines. Just imagine him getting into the World of Runeterra to help make a horror game or just another RPG set in Ionia or the Freljord!

Riot and Fans Have Responded

Of course, Riot has also responded to Kojima’s praise with their official Twitter.

Fans have also suggested the game designer to try out The Ruined King: A League of Legends story so he can familiarize himself further with the world of Runeterra and the multiple characters and regions that are at their fingertips.

Seriously, everyone out here is doing work to get this man on board to make a game with Riot Forge at some point.