Here's Marvel Lying About Their Next Movie

Kevin Feige claims 'Werewolf By Night' will become important for the MCU. Here's why we don't believe him.

Werewolf by night marvel mcu
He's not sure about it either... | © Marvel

So, by now you must've heard about Werewolf By Night - Marvel's latest disappointment that makes us think DC and Black Adam might actually have a shot to sit in the number 1 spot for a change. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying that the MCU is bad, no. Game of Thrones wasn't bad just because its last season sucked, and the MCU was glorious - and might be glorious again one day - it's just that... right now... the movies suck. And a Marvel version of the Wolf Man just ain't gonna cut it. At least that's according to me - Kevin Feige disagrees.

Kevin Feige Claims Marvel's Wolf-Movie Is Crucial

We are introducing a world that will ultimately become quite important to the future of the MCU.

So... down the line there's gonna be wolfie lining up next to twerking She-Hulk and Hipster-Hulk? Oh... I can't wait. I don't know what the MCU is doing, but whatever it is... they need to stop. This is not selling us Werewolf By Night... this is runing the MCU. Ok, granted, I can see the Werewolf fitting in with Blade, but honestly, we know nothing about Blade yet, so that's not particularly exciting as of yet. I think there's only one wolf needed in the MCU, and his comeback was a pleasant announcement.

While I love that Marvel is brave enough to pull off these genre-movies for Phase 4, I do worry that they're kind of losing sight of the bigger picture, which was exactly what made everything up until Endgame so great.

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