Ubisoft Is Dropping a New Co-Op Shooter

Ubisoft announced Project U - a new co-op shooter, that looks promising.

Project U Ubisoft
Ubisoft is cooking up something new. | © Ubisoft

Ok, so this one is a bit odd: Ubisoft announced a new shooter and invited players from all over the world to sign up for playtesting, but they have not revealed anythng about the shooter. Ok, ok, we know that it's a co-op shooter but that's about it. All other info has to be assimilated and assumed from what little info we got, which is odd for a project that's open for playtesting (for which you can sign up here).

Ubisoft Announced New Co-Op Shooter Project U

All we really have is the artwork I used for this article, from which we can safely assume that a bunch of humans are going to shoot up armored somethings. That's... pretty standard stuff. If we combine that with this statement from Ubisoft, though, the plot thickens:

Codename ‘Project U’ explores a new concept of session-based co-op shooter, where many players unite to prevail against an overwhelming threat!

Session-based? Armored generic-aliens? I smell a PvE game that's an everlasting war where players can drop in and out of the game to advance the war efforts on various fronts. Sounds cool, but I can already hear the calls for PvP, and the issue with games that are always-online is that, once PvP is introduced, the hardest no-lifer dominates. Turning the whole affair into PvE makes a whole lot of sense to me, but I guess we'll only know more once the first playtesters start leaking things.

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