Ezra Miller Apologizes For Behavior: Blames Mental Health Issues

Boy, the fastest man alive sure wasn't fast enough to outrun his mistakes. Ezra Miller apologizes for their recent behavior after assault and abuse allegations.

Ezra miller the flash
Ezra Miller goes wildin and then says sorry... okay, cool! | © Warner Bros.

Ezra Miller apologizes for their recent behavior and confirmed that they suffer from mental health issues. They have been out of control for a while now, which even started rumors that the new Flash movie would be scrapped completely. That would have been wild, I mean, the movie is already finished.

Ezra Miller Apologizes For Recent Behavior

Having recently gone through a time of intense crisis, I now understand that I am suffering complex mental health issues and have begun ongoing treatment, I want to apologize to everyone that I have alarmed and upset with my past behavior. I am committed to doing the necessary work to get back to a healthy, safe and productive stage in mylife.

I mean, yeah, fair enough, but the allegations are kinda serious and shouldn't simply be disregard just because the actor is now seeking treatment and is regretting their decision.

Miller has been cast as the Flash in the recent Justice League movie and even got their own solo movie. They kick-started a promising career with this role, as DC now has a 10-Year plan set, with the Flash being an integral part of the DC Universe.

Well, let's see if Warner Bros. will keep the 29-year-old actor as the Flash, or if they will replace them, following their legal trouble.

Miller has been accused of serious misconduct, like grooming minors, or throwing a chair at a woman. There have also been several burglary charges in Vermont, as well as other legal issues in other states.

Bro, that's some serious stuff! I don't know if people are still willing to support the actor after all this. I mean, look at Amber Turd, uhm, Heard. People wanted her removed from all her projects, and still do.

Warner Bros. Reaction

DC Extended Universe Banner
Who might soon be missing from this picture? | © Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has prepared multiple scenarios for how to handle the situation regarding Miller. One of them is, to scrap the movie completely, which would cost them a ton of money. This would be the worst case scenario and absolutely bomb the relations between Miller and the studio.

The second scenario takes place, if Miller doesn't seek help. In this case, they not have them participate in the marketing for the release and ban him from future projects. Kinda bad for them, I mean Miller!

So here we are with the third and best option, for Miller and the studio at least. For this scenario to take place, Miller needs to seek professional help and give an interview explaining their behavior, this way, they can stay in future projects.

Hmm. Suspicious. This seems to be the timeline we are occupying right now. Not the darkest timeline, I suppose, but come on, they are just trying to save their ass. It is so obvious.

I think everyone deserves a second chance as long as they learn from their mistakes and apologize and mean it. But as it stands, I don't really buy into Miller's apology. I think they just want to save their ass!

But maybe they will still improve their mental health with the professional help and get better or something. Maybe it will work out, who knows. Guess we just gotta wait and see.