KSI Will Face Off Against Two Boxers

KSI is going all-out for his upcoming comeback event and will not only fight once, but twice. Yes, you read that right, the big YouTube star is going to be fighting two times in the same night.

KSI Fight
Who is the second fighter going to be? | © KSI via Twitter

KSI is known for many things, being loud, his YouTube and also his fights. When he first took on the Paul Brothers it was a sight to behold and now he's making a comeback with another fight against some big names.

Originally, KSI had called out Alex Wassabi for a "warm up" fight – as he called it – but the opponent has pulled out weeks ahead of the competition, prompting KSI to find someone else to fight on the evening of August 27.

KSI Announces TWO Opponents on Same Night

The first fighter KSI announced he would be facing was none other than British rapper Swarmz, though many fans were unhappy with his choice. They wanted him to fight another influencer instead of the rapper, so KSI took it into his own hands to make the comeback event something great by inviting a second boxer to fight him.

Yes, KSI is going to be fighting two times on the same evening. The second fight will be against 43-year-old Bulgarian pro boxer Ivan Nikolov who is a middle-weight boxer. KSI also stated that this would be the most "durable fighter" he's ever faced.

Sure, according to BoxRec Nikolov has a pro record of 3-16-2 which isn't the greatest, but fighting a literal professional boxer will be a different beast altogether and then fighting another celebrity.

This guy is a scary mother f*cker... and Jake Paul, before you pipe up, why don't you fight him after me?

It seems like Nikolov wasn't KSI's only choice for fights, he even reached out to Bryce Hall, Vinnie Hacker and Taylor Holder. These potential opponents either had conflicting schedules or just flat out declined KSI's invitation to a fight.

Where to Watch the KSI Fight

This fight is going to be shown on DAZN. You will need to have a membership to watch the fight which is set to take place on August 27, 2022 at the O2 in London, England. So, get ready for a spectacle, because you don't see the main fight happen two times in a single night.