The Biggest Twitch Records: Livestreaming At Its Finest

Live-streaming is all about entertainment, but some guys and girls just take it to another level. Well, here are the biggest Twitch records.

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The biggest Twitch records are insane | © Twitch

When it comes to records, there is a long list of things you could include. So, as to not make it too inflated, I'm gonna focus on the beefy records, the big boys! Oh, and I only want to include single streamers, not companies or something, that would be no fun at all.

Longest Subathon on Twitch

The subathon is something Ludwig made popular when he streamed for a month straight.

The premise is: you have a timer that gets more time added to it for every sub you get. So the timer is counting down the time you have to stay live, but if you get subs, the time won't run out.

The current, longest subathon is actually still going. The streamer emilycc is, as of now, live for 274 days and still counting. Think about it, she is already live for more than half a year, and she's planning to make to 365 days! I don't know how much time is added to the counter per subscription, but it's gotta be like a day or something.

I've just been to her channel and there are 200 viewers right now. How else would she manage her counter to stay up? Well, nonetheless it's freakin impressive! The dedication you need for this. Ludwig was going insane within a month, now imagine one year! Respect.

Longest Stream On Twitch

Okay, you might think to yourself, "What's the difference between the longest stream and longest subathon?" Well, easy, you don't need subs to keep it going. So if you thought the 274 days, the longest subathon amassed was a lot, wait for the longest stream. We're going for solo streams, btw., not streaming houses or stuff like that.

Hold on tight. It's 465 freakin days! Just imagine, more than a full year of continuously being live! So yeah, that happened. Record holder is the Twitch streamer GPHustla who, funnily enough, seems to be banned right now, hilarious. I really don't think that record will be broken anytime soon, but who knows, everyone thought the same thing about Ninja's sub record.

Most Subscribers On Twitch

Well yeah. I pretty much already made the perfect transition to this topic. Ninja has been the record holder for the longest time. From 2018 to 2021, so for 3 whole years, nobody was even close to break that record.

But then appears a man with a dream, and a pretty good idea to achieve it, Ludwig Ahgren.

Fun fact: later the same year, he left Twitch and switched to YouTube, which I personally find pretty funny. Break the record for the most subs and then just up and leave. King shit!

He managed to dethrone Ninja with the simple idea of having a subathon. He was already popular beforehand, so he had a big enough viewer base to make it possible. Ludwig stayed live for 30 days and probably would have continued to do so, if he hadn't capped it. During those 30 days, he reached 283.066 subscribers and set a new record I really don't think anyone will break soon.

Highest Concurrent Viewers

Oh boy, here we have another big one. If you have ever watched a livestream, you know what the bigger streamers can pull in numbers. Up to a few hundred thousand concurrent viewers, if there is some special event.

The Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos set the record for most concurrent viewers with his boxing event, and it's not even close to a few hundred thousand. During his creator-based boxing event, he racked in 3.3 million concurrent viewers. Think about it, 3.3 million! That is more than ten times the amount I have seen so far. Even Twitch responded to this by posting about his achievement on Twitter.

So, there you have it, the biggest Twitch records. This is livestreaming at its best!