KSI vs. Jake Paul: Everything You Need To Know

"Everyone has a Plan, until they get punched in the Mouth" ~ Mike Tyson
So let's see what all the talking is good for and if and when Jake Paul and KSI actually fight.

KSI vs Jake
Let them Fight, on Twitter or with their fists! | © Instagram/KSI & Instagram/Jake Paul

When it comes to YouTuber's boxing, it seems as if KSI and Jake Paul are the top of the food chain. Jake had some fights, even against experienced fighters, and KSI started the whole thing and even won a controversial fight against Jake's bigger brother, Logan Paul.

Jake Paul vs. KSI

As it stands now, though, both of them had their announced fights canceled more often than they actually fought. Jake was supposed to fight Hasim Rahman Jr., an actual professional boxer, with 13 bouts, and KSI was supposed to fight fellow YouTuber, Alex Wassabi. As you can guess, both of these fights are canceled as of now.

For Jake's fight, it seems the reason was Hasim Rahman Jr. missing weight, but it still was kinda controversial. People, especially boxing fans, not casuals like me, are calling out Jake, saying he was scared of Hasim. But let's be real, boxing fans just love to hate Jake, probably because he likes to talk a lot of crap.

In case of KSI, Alex Wassabi pulled out as he seems to have received a concussion during his training camp. Now things get spicy! After Alex pulled out of the fight, Jake started calling out KSI to fight him. The British YouTuber already had a replacement, though, so he wasn't really interested.

Jake Paul took that as an opportunity to talk some more smack, saying KSI was scared and making it sound like he was even willing to take the fight with all kinds of disadvantages. What. A. Savage!

KSI really got an earful for his decision to switch in Swarmz as a replacement for Alex Wassabi. People really wanted him and Jake to stop exchanging Tweets and start exchanging blows. His reason for not taking the fight right away? Ring rust. His last fight was against Logan Paul! Damn, that shocked me. That was ages ago! Anyway, he said he was not gonna do it and that seems to be the end of it, or is it?

KSI & Jake Paul Might Just Actually Fight

After Jake's relentless teasing, KSI finally fired back and offered a fight at Wembley in 2023. It seems he has had enough of the shit-talking and now wants to finish things in big fashion. He proposed a winner-takes-it all, with 100% of the purse going to the winner.

Jake, just like the unlikable person he is, had to get at least one more provocation in. So he put a condition in place that he would only accept the proposal if KSI replied to the Tweet saying, that as of TODAY, Jake was the better boxer. Well, he did just that!

Man really is fed up with Jake running his mouth. But it seems we have our YouTuber super fight. If it doesn't get canceled...like their last fights...