Team BDS Win The Gamers8 Rainbow Six Siege Tournament!

The French Team BDS have won the Gamers8 Rainbow Six Siege tourney against a local Saudi team, the Falcons. It was a 3-0 win across Bank, Villa and Oregon, and it sadly wasn't close. Here's how all the teams places.

Gamers8 who won the r6
Team BDS were crowned the champs! | © Gamers8

The Gamers8 Rainbow Six Siege weekend has just concluded. Eight teams from around the world were invited to a double elimination event in Riyadh, with $2,000,000 on the line. BDS have come home victorious. There were some impressive plays throughout the whole weekend, and an unexpectedly deep run from the local team, the Falcons. Here's how the ground finals went down, and an overview of how the prize pool was distributed.

What Were The Playoff Results?

Here was how the Playoff bracket looked for the Gamers8 Rainbow Six Siege event:

Playoff Bracket Gamers8
This was the playoff bracket. | © Gamers8

And this is specifically how the final game broke down:



1Bank8-7 / Team BDS
2Villa8-7 / Team BDS
3Oregon7-5 / Team BDS

It was an incredible final moment for BDS:

BriD felt confident to check the stairs and put the series to bed. Even if he hadn't won the gunfight, 0Killz probably wasn't getting the bomb down. But it was a great showing from the relatively young Falcons.

How Much Did Team BDS win?

There was $2,000,000 up for grabs in the Rainbow Six Siege tournament's prize pool, and BDS took home $500,000. Every team in attendance got $100,000 each, just for qualifying, and then they earned this much in addition based on their placing:

Placement Prize


1st$400,000Team BDS
3-4th$155,000Team Liquid
5-6th$80,000Spacestation Gaming
7-8th$40,000DAMWON Gamin

For the Falcons to get knocked down into the lower bracket, but then go on such a deep run was impressive. They beat TSM, MIBR and WYLDE before facing BDS for a second-time in the Grand Finals. When it came down to the final match, however, the experience that Team BDS had helped them come through and clutch up for a devastating 3-0 finish.

At the end of the day, even with their incredible aggression, the Falcons couldn't go toe to toe against a fragger like Shaiiko. Team BDS looked pretty unstoppable by the end, in fact, and they'll be walking away with half a million for their efforts.

Sadly, that's all the Rainbow Six Siege we'll see at Gamers8, with the next two weekends being dedicated to PUBG: Mobile. But it was a great event nevertheless. You can find all the details you need for the upcoming Gamers8 events here.