EpikWhale & Malibuca Win The Gamers8 Fortnite Tournament!

EpikWhale and Malibuca have won the recent Fortnite Duos tournament in Riyadh, as part of Gamers8. And they're walking away with a record-breaking amount of prize money...

Fortnite Winners Gamers8
These guys killed it! | © Gamers8 via Twitter

If you hadn't been keeping up to speed with the tournament scene recently then you might not have heard about Gamers8. Long story short, this is a festival dedicated to esports and gaming, and it's taking place in Riyadh over the summer. A different game will get a tournament each week at Gamers8, and this last weekend (July 30-31) was dedicated to Fortnite. This was a tournament for duos, and some of the biggest names in Fortnite were in attendance. But at the end of the day, only one team could be crowned the winners...

How Much Did EpikWhale & Malibuca Win?

The American player EpikWhale and his Russian teammate Malibuca have earned themselves a whopping $250,000! That's the second most that EpikWhale has ever earned at a single event, after the 2019 Fortnight World Cup, and it's the most Malibuca has ever earned at any event.

You can see them realizing how much they've just won as they lift the trophy:

But these two weren't the only winners that weekend. Well, they sort of were, but their competitors also took home a chunk of the $1 million prize pool.

This is how the prize pool was divided:

PlacePrize (USD)PlayersTeam
1$250,000EpikWhale / MalibucaTSM / Nigma Galaxy
2$150,000Chapix / zAndyFalcons Esports / Independent Player
3$100,000Setty / KamiBecome Legends / Become Legends
4$75,000Skram / AndilexMacnhester City Esports / Falcons Esports
5$50,000Hen / QueasyGuild Esports / Nigma Galaxy
6$40,000TaySon / Th0masHDFalcons Esports / Astralis
7$30,000BadSniper / MerstachTeam MCES / Independent Player


Edgey / AcornFUSION / Team 33
9$20,000Okis / nutIndependent Player / Independent Player
10$15,000JannisZ / KhandaWave Esports / Kungarna

Considering 44 teams qualified, there were also a ton of players who sadly went home empty-handed. Still, LAN experience is always good for an esports professional, so it wasn't wasted time.

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