Gamers8 $2 Million Fortnite Saudi Arabia LAN: Schedule, Prize & More

The best Fortnite players in the world land in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for the biggest LAN event since the 2019 Fortnite World Cup, with a whopping $2 million in prize money to play out!

Fortnite saudi arabien 2m dollar turnier
The best players in the world compete for a $2 million prize pool. | © Gamers8

You've done it again, Gamers8. After recently hosting one of the biggest Rocket League LAN tournaments ever (which we were there to report live for you, by the way), we're now continuing with Fortnite!

The tournament is part of the Gamers8 Esports and Music Festival - a futuristic experience that aims to "bring the virtual world of gaming into the physical world".

Top Fortnite pros, content creators, and some coming from community qualifiers will compete live in Saudi Arabia in both Zero Build and Standard Battle Royale modes for a total prize pool of $2 million.

$2M Gamers8 ft. Fortnite Tournament: Schedule

Both the Zero Build and the standard Battle Royale modes consist of 12 fixed lobby matches, similar to the FNCS, each offering its own $1 million prize pool.

The schedule for the tournaments is as follows:

  • Zero Build 1-6: July 28th 18:00 CEST
  • Zero Build 7-12: July 29th 18:00 CEST
  • Battle Royale 1-6: July 30th 18:00 CEST
  • Battle Royale 7-12: July 31 18:00 CEST

$2M Gamers8 ft. Fortnite Tournament: Where To Watch

The full event will be streamed live on the official Gamers8 Twitch channel. Popular Fortnite casters, including ShyoWager, have also made the journey to Saudi Arabia to host the tournament for you.

In addition, some of the participating Fortnite pros will of course also broadcast the tournament live on Twitch.

$2M Gamers8 ft. Fortnite Tournament: Prize Pool

There is $1,000,000 up for grabs in both Zero Build and regular Battle Royale, broken down as follows. Since this is a duo tournament, the prize money will of course be split between the duo partners:

Fortnite gamers8 preispool
Well, if that isn't a hefty chunk of money... | © Gamers8

$2M Gamers8 ft. Fortnite Tournament: Participating duos

There are quite a few big names among the participants. Almost every Fortnite pro will start in Saudi Arabia. The exciting thing is that all the pros will be playing in the same region. Here are the participants:

  1. Amar & Vadeal
  2. Anas & Pinq
  3. Aqua & Veno
  4. Arab & Bloomy
  5. Arkhram & Falconer
  6. BadSniper & Merstach
  7. Bizzle & Dubs
  8. Chapix & zAndy
  9. Clix & Duke
  10. DRAFTell & Kai
  11. Edgey & Acorn
  12. EpikWhale & Malibuca
  13. FHD & Yonx
  14. Falcon Nm7 & KAL ROCKY REELS
  15. Fatch & wCarey
  16. Frosty & redlee
  17. FКS & Balor
  18. G2 MackWood & Threats
  19. GUILD Аnas & p i n q
  20. Hellfire & trippernn 323
  21. Hen & Queasy
  22. JannisZ & Khanada
  23. Jelty & VIC0
  24. K1NG & Seeyun
  25. KAL & Nm7
  26. KaKaRoT & Adapter
  27. Knight & RogueShark
  28. KovaaksXD & Refsgaard
  29. LeTsHe & Swillium
  30. Maufin & dokn
  31. Mitr0 & Milan
  32. Naetor & Qjac
  33. Okis & Nutiffy
  34. Pilky & SJcash
  35. Pulga & leleo
  36. Rapit & P5EK
  37. Ronaldo & Kreo
  38. Scoped & Blake
  39. Setty & BL Kami
  40. Skram & Andilex
  41. Spy & Hero
  42. Stenno & Liwshe
  43. TaySon & Th0masHD
  44. UNHYDRA & Naiad

Der Liste nach zu urteilen, wird es also ziemlich wild werden. Wir sind gespannt, wie sich die Profis schlagen werden und wünschen allen Teilnehmern viel Glück.

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