Do Not buy! This Fortnite Item Is Pay To Lose

A new bug has surfaced in a Fortnite cosmetic item that blinds players as soon as they use it. So we advise you: stay away from it!

Fortnite pay to lose item
Epic probably imagined it differently. | © Epic Games

Fortnite players love cosmetic items like skins, pickaxes, gliders, and so on. The nice thing about them is that while they change you visually, they don't give you any advantage in the game. Sure, there was a superhero skin that got completely lost in the shadows which was banned from the game after players complained that it was pay-to-win. Even worse are objects that hinder you in the game, causing you to lose a fight. So money down the drain - as it turns out, such an item is currently making waves in Fortnite.

Pay-To-Lose Blue Shock Weapon Wrap

It was recently discovered that the Blue Shock weapon finish is a pay-to-lose item as it produces a bright white light that blinds the player when aiming and firing. This disadvantage was discovered by a YouTuber named Temnxeiz and propagated by GKI.

Fortnite blue shock
Do not use if you want to win! | © Epic Games

Normally, gun wraps in Fortnite are simply meant to beautify your arsenal. Some may have reactive effects to kills or something similar, but surely blinding players was not Epic's idea! So what appears to be happening with the Blue Shock wrap is obviously unintentional. It's incredibly annoying - especially if you spent extra money on the weapon skin. You can see the bug here:

Once you've equipped the wrap and you're in the game, nothing bad happens. Well, at least until you try to shoot. As you can see in the video, a white flash is created that covers most of the screen for a second or two. It almost looks as if the sun is reflected in the weapon and blinds you. The glitch reappears every time the player shoots again after it disappears. So it's not a one-off problem either. The same problem also occurs as soon as you get into a Baller.

Imagine you're in a fight, you fire a shot, you can't see your opponent anymore and BOOM, you're dead. Just like that.

It has not yet been proven that every player will experience the bug, but we still advise you to avoid the wrap until Epic fixes the glitch.

The Blue Shock wrap is an item shop exclusive. That means you have to spend money to own it. To be more precise, 500 V-Bucks, which corresponds to around five euros.

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