Where To Find The Coolest Player In Fortnite

A new week means more seasonal Fortnite challenges for players to compete and earn massive amounts of XP. This time, we'll show you where to find the coolest player on the island.

Jonesy fortnite
No, it's not Jonesy. I ©Epic Games

With Week 8 quest now available, players are tasked to find the coolest player on the Fortnite island to earn 15,000 XP. Who exactly is the swaggiest, most amazing player in the entire game? Do you have to run into a Fortnite developer in-game? Well, no, not at all! In fact, the challenge is easier than you might expect.

You see, the coolest player on the Fortnite island is none other than you. So to complete this quest, you'll have to find a mirror and see your reflection in it. We'll show you where to find you so you can complete your Chapter 3 Season 3 battle pass sooner.

Finding The Coolest Player In Fortnite

As we've mentioned, finding a mirror that triggers the quest completion is relatively hard, lucky for you, we've done the homework so you don't have to - in order to find a mirror, we recommend you land on Tilted Towers in this location.

Fortnite 31
There's a mirror in this building. I ©Epic Games

In this apartment building, you'll find bathrooms with mirrors. To get the quest done, simply stand in front of it until your character is reflected, like the image down below:

Fortnite 32
And just like that, 15k XP are yours I ©Epic Games

And there you have it! Nothing like good old Epic Games pumping you up in order to get those sweet Victory Royales. Also, did you really expect anyone else to be the coolest player in all of Fortnite?

Of course, there are more places you can find mirrors and earn XP, however, this Tilted Towers spot is good because once you're done with the mission, the landmark is filled with amazing loot to set you on your way.

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