Fortnite John Cena Bundle - Price, Cosmetics & More

Epic Games announced an incredible crossover with wrestling promotion WWE covering three different games. Fortnite fans will be blessed with a John Cena skin to celebrate SummerSlam!

John cena skin
The time is now to buy the John Cena outfit. I ©Epic Games

That's right, while Rocket League will get WWE-themed cars and Fall Guys will receive outfits inspired by the Undertaker, Asuka, and Xavier Woods, Fortnite will play host to arguably the company's biggest star - the 16-time Champion, John Cena.

Naturally, like many crossover cosmetics, it won't just be a simple outfit coming to Fortnite but a whole bundle including different styles - John Cena will be accompanied by a back bling, pickaxe, emote, and an extra style.

Let's dive deep into everything you need to know about the John Cena Fortnite set so you don't miss out on it when it hits the Fortnite shop.

Fortnite John Cena Bundle - Release Date

The John Cena set will debut on the Fortnite item shop this upcoming July 28 at 8 PM ET/2 AM CEST. John Cena will be available to purchase as a skin on its own and as part of a special set that includes the following:

  • WWE Championship Title back bling (This one is included with the outfit regardless)
  • Five Digit Slapper pickaxe
  • U Can't See Me emote
  • Entrance Gear and Ring Gear outfit styles

Fortnite John Cena Bundle - Cost

Cena outfit
John Cena is finally in Fortnite. I ©Epic Games

At the moment, we don't have official confirmation regarding the price for both the individual skin and the entire John Cena set.

However, an educated guess will be that prices will float around the 1200 to 1800 V-bucks. The bundle lacks a few bells and whistles to justify making it more expensive than it should, so that would seem like a fair price. Of course, we'll be updating this section with actual prices once we get confirmation of the John Cena set cost.

For now, all that's left to do is wait for the skin to be released while we enjoy the relaxing vibes of the No Sweat Summer event.

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