How To Ring Doorbells In Fortnite

The No Sweat Summer event has been available for a few days now, with each bringing different quests for players to complete. Here we'll show you how to ring doorbells.

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As bizarre as that sounds and in case you didn't know this, certain homes in Fortnite have small doorbells you can interact with - they don't unlock any meaningful secrets, give you XP, or grant you amazing loot for discovering them, they simply exist, and that's ok!

Well, they didn't give out XP until now that is, with a brand-new No Sweat Summer quest granting you a total of 15k for ringing and breaking a total of three doorbells. They can be found at different spots on the Fortnite map. In case you need some guidance, we're here to help.

Where To Find Doorbells In Fortnite

Doorbells can be found at four different locations. If you hover over the quest in your missions tab, the map will be marked down with all locations. These are:

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This is where you'll find the doorbells. I ©Epic Games
  • Greasy Grove
  • Coney Crossroads
  • The house with the maze up north
  • The big house south of Coney Crossroads

In each of these locations, you'll find several doorbells to ring and destroy. The quest requires you to wreck a total of three. They can be found in the houses in each of the landmarks mentioned above.

How To Destroy Doorbells in Fortnite

Breaking them is easy. Just in case you're confused, do not use your pickaxe. Simply approach the doorbell and a prompt should pop up, ring it several times as fast as you can and it should break. It's not exactly rocket science and it's an easy chunk of XP you'll definitely want to get your hands on to complete the Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass.

Expect more guides for upcoming No Sweat Summer event quests soon! Don't let them go by as the limited-time event will only run for a couple of weeks at most and you'll be dreading not completing them if you end up missing on Darth Vader.

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