Tommy Fury Too Scared To Fight Jake Paul, New Challenger Emerges...

Tommy Fury has backed down from the fight with Jake Paul again. But Jake has found another contender to step into the ring with him...

Tommy Fury jake Paul Rivalry
Who's would win? | © Tommy Fury & Jake Paul via Twitter

Tommy Fury is a self-proclaimed hard man. And we certainly wouldn't disagree, but he's recently been accused of going into "hiding" after Jake Paul challenged him to a fight. Paul claims that this is the second time Tommy has run away from the fight, and now he's accusing him of cowardice. In fact, the influencer-turned-boxer is so annoyed that he's lined up another fighter to replace Tommy Fury in the ring...

Tommy Fury Backs Down From Fight

Jake Paul took to Twitter a few hours ago, furious, and alleging that Tommy Fury had gone "into hiding". So their fight won't happen then, it seems that the world really are beginning to fear the name Jake Paul. But Jake never wants to let his fans down, so he's promising to fight a new opponent.

Here's exactly what Paul had to say:

Fury’s received a termination notice. MVP did everything it could 2 help him & team. He wasn’t interested & he literally went into hiding.

2nd time in a row he has pulled out.

2nd time in a row I’m going to step up & take on a new opponent on short notice. AUG 6. MSG.

Tommy Fury has yet to respond, but we're quite sure he's going to have a few pithy remarks of his own to make. But, until he actually agrees to fight Jake Paul, it's all just empty words.

Who Is The New Fighter Going Against Jake Paul?

We don't know yet, but Jake Paul has promised to announce the new fighter very shortly. Will it be another influencer? Or, has he found an old legend to step into the ring with him? We know Jake and Mike Tyson have already begun feuding, so fingers crossed...