Logan Paul & Jake Paul Publicly Fight

Logan Paul has publicly criticized his brother Jake for challenging Michael Bisping to a fight.

michael bisping jake logan paul fight
These two need to take a chill pill. | © Jake & Logan Paul via Instagram / Michael Bisping via Instagram

Logan Paul is no longer mincing his words about his brother's decision to challenge Michael Bisping to a fight. We all knew that it was a stupid idea, and it seems that Logan Paul agrees with us. If you want details on what the bloody hell we're talking about, though, you probably haven't read our original article on this. If so, shame on you.

Jake Paul has been enjoying his boxing glory over the last few months and years, having challenges the likes of Mike Tyson and even Conor McGregor. Figures, right? It seems a little rich to think that he can take on these professional fighting legends. Ah well, vanity was never something that either of the Paul brothers lacked, so it's not such a surprise.

In their love for trash-talking, the two of them have consistently proven that they're not afraid of peeving off all sorts of people. This time, though did Logan take it too far? It could very much be the case, as he has publicly spoken out against the Bisping x Jake Paul fight, and he wasn't very nice about it.

Logan Paul Dislikes Jake Paul x Michael Bisping Fight

In an episode of the Impaulsive Podcast, Logan Paul was asked about the potential fight by a guest of the show, Brendan Schaub. After mentioning that "Bisping has one eye, and he's older", Schaub passed the ball to Logan Paul who went on to say the following:

I thought that was silly. I wish I would have advised Jake to not do that. It's just a waste of breath.

Schaub went on to slam Jake Paul even harder, saying that he should go for Anderson Silva if he "wants those accolades". Logan agreed, but went further, suggesting that his brother needed longer to prepare for such fights.

I agree, but let him get a little better, because Anderson boxes. And has boxed for over a decade.

Okay, yeah, they're not really fighting, are they? Well, no, but it was surprising to hear such harsh words from Logan Paul directed towards his brother. It was also interesting to know that the two brothers don't necessarily consult each other on each of these decisions. It's surely not surprising, but interesting to have learned.