Joe Rogan Thinks Jake Paul is a "Genius" for Mike Tyson Fight

Joe Rogan has explained to Mike Tyson why he thinks that Jake Paul is a "genious" for trying to fight him.

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Oh wow, now this is a trio! | © Jake Paul via Twitter / Joe Rogan via Spotify / Mike Tyson via Twitter / EarlyGame

Joe Rogan has launched his way onto Mike Tyson's podcast, claiming that a match between the former boxing juggernaut and Jake Paul would actually be a massive deal. His claims even went as far as to say that Jake Paul was a "genious" for thinking of this idea.

Whilst we love ol' Rogan, we're not quite sure if we agree with him on this one. Thus, let's do what we all should do a little bit more of: hear him out! What does he have to say, why does he think this, could he perhaps be onto something? Well, let's find out...

First, though, keep in mind that Rogan has been mired in controversy as of late, firstsaying that TikTok was spying on him and then having to deal with people thinking that he's dead. Bizarre! Also... kind of hilarious. Oh, classic Rogan...

Rogan Says that the Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson Fight Would Be "Gigantic"

Joe Rogan explains that he thinks Jake Paul is a genious because a fight between the two of them would be "gigantic". He goes on to talk about the way Jake Paul sells things, and how the YouTuber has become a master marketer and someone to really look out for, even in the fighting world.

My point is, that fight would be gigantic because, first of all, everybody would want to see, a good large percentage would want to see you knock his block off.

He's not wrong, of course, but it also needs to be noted that Jake Paul isn't necessarily a genious just because he is good at selling himself. There are plenty of people like that, would you really call Kim Kardashian a genious? Yeah, she ain't dumb, but a genious?

That would be most of the people buying, let’s be honest, no disrespect to Jake, but this is how he sells things, the kid is a genius. And he can f**king fight! The right hand that he knocked Tyrone Woodley out with? That’s real.

In the end, though, whilst I don't necessarily agree with his assessment that Jake Paul is a "genious" per-se, you do have to give the boy credit. He's very young and tremendously successful both as an entertainer and as a professional fighter, you have to give credit where credit's due.

Also, who wouldn't want to see a Mike Tyson v. Jake Paul fight? That would be forking amazing! We have written about it before, but after Rogan's discussion with Tyson about the whole thing... it just seems a whole lot more likely. Amazing, right!? It's time to get hyped...