MrBeast Accuses TikTok Of Spying On Him On Joe Rogan's Podcast

MrBeast has taken to The Joe Rogan Experience to talk about TikTok, claiming that the Chinese-owned social media platform is spying on him.
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Is TikTok spying on Joe Rogan and MrBeast? | © MrBeast via Twitter / Joe Rogan via JRE / TikTok

Taking to the Joe Rogan Experience, the biggest podcast in the world, MrBeast has expressed his feelings about TikTok, including fears that the Chinese-owned social media giant is spying on him. He wasn't alone, either, with Joe Rogan weighing in on the controversy.

"I have had instances where I would say certain things in conversations and then later that night I would get in my feed something similar" MrBeast claimed, giving an example about TikTok giving him tons of dog-themed content after he had a conversation about dogs.

It's an interesting point, but also a point applicable to applications like Facebook and Google, whom also use metadata to gather information on their users. Similar allegations of "spying" have been levelled against a multitude of social media companies, and whilst unproven, seem to be increasingly likely as time goes on.

Rogan And MrBeast Think TikTok Is Spying On Them

Both Joe Rogan and MrBeast seem convinced that TikTok is spying on them, with the former speaking out about software engineers who have allegedly proven that TikTok is incredibly "intrusive". Again, it seems that the duo are pretty fearful.

You ever seen the breakdown these software engineers have done on TikTok? Of how intrusive it is? ... the single most disturbing piece of software they’ve ever had to engineer, the amount of cross-platform spying it does.

We're not sure about the validity of Joe Rogan's claims, but he is often quite read-up on subjects like this. MrBeast seems to be even more extreme about the subject, citing these fears as the reason why he actually quit TikTok a while ago.

TikTok can be pretty addicting, I actually recently uninstalled it just cause… Even though my TikTok is mostly like gym and, actually, finance stuff. I found I was spending two hours a day on TikTok, that’s when I uninstalled it.

Honestly, though, it's a pretty interesting conversation. Here's the Spotify link, their conversation starts at about the 40-minute mark!

MrBeast and Joe Rogan have stumbled on a talking point that is all-too common at the moment. Why is it okay that Google and Facebook spy on us, why is it okay that they use our metadata to make their millions, but not when TikTok does it?

Well, the reason for that - if you believe the press - is pretty simple, and can be summarized in a single word: China. The reality, though, is that whilst China does own TikTok, it also owns most of our video games and is literally the birthplace for most of our electronic equipment.

It's a huge manufacturing hub, but it is a fascinating question as to whether China will begin to compete with places like the United States for the most important resource of them all: information. MrBeast and good ol' Joe Rogan have a good conversation about all of this, even if it is a little tedious to hear a couple of Americans go on about how China is something to be feared...