First Look at MrBeast's (Actually Insane) Real Life Squid Game

MrBeast said he would do it and now he's doing it: The man is actually recreating Squid Game in real life, with 456 contestants.

Mrbeast squid game
MrBeast is actually doing it...: A real life Squid Game with 456 contestants. | © MrBeast, Netflix

Alright, so we already told you that MrBeast was planning to jump aboard the Squid Game hype. Well, it's finally happening, and MrBeast actually built a whole set, for what looks to be one of his biggest projects yet. Like, seriously, this whole thing has an entire shooting schedule and all, and before MrBeast goes into production, he shared some on-set photos of his real life Squid Game.

First Pictures of MrBeast Squid Game

Yup, the madman is actually getting 456 contestants together to act out Squid Game in every detail except the killing. Insane. Actually insane. Filming will start rather soon, as MrBeast is evidently wishing everybody good luck "next week". What's unclear is whether the whole thing will be streamed or whether it's shooting first, before undergoing post-production and then being released just like any other TV series.

Another mystery is who the contestants in MrBeast's version of Squid Game will be. Celebrities? Randoms? A mix of both? What we do know is that Ludwig, Bella Poarch and other notable online entertainers already contacted MrBeast publically to be a part of his battle royale.

So yeah, here we are, not knowing who the contestants will be, not knowing when MrBeast's Squid Game will release, and not knowing what the prize pool actually is. Knowing MrBeast, the latter will probably go to charity, but everything else is literally up in the air.

Opinion time: Truth be told, at first I was like "goddamn, MrBeast, you don't have to get in on literally every hype", but after seeing the set, and the hype, and the potential, and everything else that's happening here, I can't help but feel a tingle in my balls, because this one could be huge. If you ever wondered when YouTube finally surpasses TV... well, this might just be it.