MrBeast Wants to Host Real Life Squid Game

MrBeast is at it again: He wants to host a real life Squid Game, which is sure to grant the winner a lot of money. Let's just hope nobody dies...

Mr Beast squid game
We should've seen this coming. | © Squid Game, MrBeast

Squid Game. The TV-Show that needs absolutely no introduction, yet still gets one from me: For a $40 million prize, 456 random people are participating in a number of playground games where the loser dies, until one person is left. If you watched or read Battle Royale, you know the deal, and, if you play the same genre... you know the deal.

Since Squid Game is easily the most hyped show since that Tiger dude, everybody wants a piece of the cake. One guy, who loves cake is MrBeast, and, now, the money-man has his eyes set on a new project:

MrBeast Wants to Do Real Life Squid Game


It's in your hands tik tok

Squid Game - Carrot

Of course, the video got 11 million likes, and, of course, we all knew that, and, of course, MrBeast knew that from the start, which is why it surprises absolutely nobody, that he is planning to do the Squid Game thing in real life. What would be surprising though: Imagine he kills the losing contestants. Too dark? Maybe. But... imagine...

So, this is definitely not the last we'll hear of this, and, also, MrBeast is definitely not the only one looking to cash in on the Squid Game hype: Abu-Dhabi is reportedly hosting a real life Squid Game event, and the gaming industry is also busy working on a Squid Game video game adaption.

There is no word yet from MrBeast, but since the video reached the required views, we are confident that he will follow through on his plan. MrBeast usually puts plans into motion rather quickly, so it shouldn't take too long for this to take place. Best to just stay tuned on his YouTube account.

As for you, dear reader, if you haven't watched Squid Game, I do recommend it, and if you have watched it, may I recommend the following mangas, that the show was likely inspired by: Gantz, Di[e]ce, or Future Diary. Warning: Rated-R as f*ck. But that's what you're looking for anyway.

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