Khabib's Coach Thinks Jake Paul Can Beat Conor McGregor in 2022

Continuing the trash-talking that we've all come to love, Jake Paul thinks he can beat Conor McGregor in a fight... What?
Jake paul conor mcgregor fight
Jake Paul wants to fight Conor McGregor. | © Conor McGregor via Twitter (left) / Jake Paul via Twitter (right)

Jake Paul is back to the trash talking again, claiming that he could beat Conor McGregor after only six months of training. If true (which we highly doubt), that would mean that this YouTuber-turned professional fighter would take out MMA legend Conor McGregor before the end of 2022. Would McGregor agree to such a fight, though?

[UPDATE: March 25, 2022]

Khabib's Coach Now Agrees That Jake Paul Would Beat McGregor?

The coach of UFC legend Khabib Nurmagomedov actually thinks that Jake Paul would win, so perhaps this isn't as absurd as we thought? In an interview with Betway, Khabib's coach was asked who would win, to which he responded with an emphatic... Jake Paul?

I would favor Jake Paul at 175 over Conor in a boxing ring because he’s too big. But you can’t count Conor out, Conor’s a good boxer, so you can’t discount his boxing ability.

According to this bloke, who clearly knows what he's talking about if he coaches Khabib, Jake would actually gain an edge of McGregor due to his size. The reality is that Jake Paul is actually bigger than Conor McGregor, and punches harder as well.

The size is a little much, Jake hits extremely hard, as you can tell by what he’s done. If you haven’t woken up to Jake’s ability you better, because he’s only improving. So I think the size is a big difference and the power would be too much for Conor... Sometimes you can be bigger and not punch harder, but in this case Jake is bigger than Conor and punches harder and he’s good, so all three variables are with Jake. He’s just a bigger man fighting a smaller man.

It could be an interesting fight, that's for sure. Whether we agree that Jake Paul could actually beat this absolutely insane and outrageously famous professional fighter, though? Well, we're not going to write him out of this story, but we have our doubts. Now, let's get on with the original story...

[ORIGINAL ARTICLE: March 24, 2022]

It has got to the stage with the Paul Brothers that literally nothing surprises us anymore. From announcing Presidential candidacies to suggesting movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger, these blokes know how to not only make entertaining content, but seriously troll a lot of people. We're not complaining, either, this has all been darn entertaining!

Now, it seems that Jake Paul might be punching about his weight. Honestly, challenging Conor McGregor to a fight inside the Octagon? That seems like a bit of a dangerous idea, if you ask me, but to be honest... I am a weak white nerd, and this dude has some quality pecks, so what do I know?

So Jake Paul Thinks He Can Beat McGregor?

So Jake Paul gave an interview with The Sun, as you do, and spent a large chunk of time bashing Conor McGregor, claiming he could win in only six months. Claiming that McGregor had been "selfish" his "whole life", Mr Paul launched into a full on trash-talking tirade that can't compare even to that time he offered $60 Million USD to Kanye and Pete Davidson to settle their differences.

I know I have a great chance given I’m rising and he’s declining... I will spend six months, morning, day and night training with the best MMA coaches in the world and put myself in a position to win... I’m just built different.

Whether Jake Paul is deluded, or just the bravest man on YouTube, is uncertain. If you ask me, the very last thing I would want to do is try to fight a bloke who has been crushing since 2008 and is currently ranked ninth in the UFC lightweight rankings.

I mean, honestly, this guy's nickname is "Notorious" so I certainly wouldn't be jumping into an arena with him (again, skinny white dude? Not a great idea)!

if you took a poll on us in a MMA fight, fans will say Conor is winning that. So of course it would be sweeter to knock out his veneers in MMA.

Paul even expressed interest in possibly taking the fight to Conor McGregor's home turf of Ireland, or even Wembley Stadium. Honestly, the guts in this guy. That's just crazy! No matter what happens, though, we can certainly count on the duo sparring words at the very least: "I relish finally having an opponent that has the same mental-warfare intelligence that I do."