Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants To Make A Movie With Jake & Logan Paul!

Arnold Schwarzenegger has expressed an openness to starring in a Jake and Logan Paul movie. It would probably be terrible.

Arnold schwarzenegger jake logan paul
Come on, Arnold, don't stoop that low. | © Paramount Pictures Studios (left) & Jake Paul via Twitter (right)

Next in a long line of Jake and Logan Paul-related news, Arnold Schwarzenegger has said that he would be very willing to star in a movie alongside the duo. Logan Paul, famous for not only his tediously cringy YouTube Channel, but also his professional boxing aspirations and extremely distasteful Suicide Forest video, would team up with his brother as well as Schwarzenegger to produce a big-budget film. Could you think of something more annoying?

Logan Paul and Schwarzenegger will be hosting this Saturday's (March 5) Slap Fighting Championship together, marking the first time that the duo have worked together. That's not entirely true, however, seeing as the Terminator star actually appeared on Logan Paul's podcast and announced the utterly unbelievable: Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Logan and Jake Paul fan...

Now, this is not such an insane piece of news. After all, whilst Schwarzenegger is an incredibly iconic actor and martial artist, he's hardly been known for having good taste. Whilst the man was the Governor of California for a number of years, he also featured in the likes of not only the Terminator movies, but also movies like Twins, Conan the Barbarian, Kindergarten Cop and, let us not forget, Hercules in New York. With a record like that, it is a shame – but not entirely surprising – that this bloke is a fan of a duo that make some of the cringiest content on the internet.

So... Arnold x The Paul Brothers?

Let's be real: if it wasn't a movie, Logan Paul and Schwarzenegger would have started a political campaign. It wouldn't be unrealistic – Logan Paul wants to be president, and Arnold was already the governor of California! It would, of course, be potentially as disastrous as that time a reality TV host became the president for four years (yeah, let's just pretend that didn't happen).

No, luckily it isn't political aspirations that are joining these two jackasses with this Austrian hunk, it's their joint love for butchering the art of filmmaking...

It’s natural for us to want to do business together and promote something together... We're going to watch this year, how this is going to work out, how we're going to work out as partners in all of this... where that takes us, whether it's movies or whatever, we don't know where this is going to go.

Could you imagine, though? I mean, I have to admit that I do love the ol' Schwarzenegger, who doesn't? But this big cheesy ex-politician and action movie star collaborating with the makers of the song "2020" and "Logan Paul & KSI Go Undercover at Walmart"? This is hardly the highest-quality content out there on the internet, is it? Let's be real, the next thing will be a Paul Brothers x Schwarzenegger Energy Drink: "Feel the Terminator – Master the Pokémon Card". Seriously, you mark my words that this is coming.

If this did happen, though, you can be sure that we'll review said Energy Drink right here on EarlyGame's Entertainment page. We'll review it, and you'll love it. We can assure and promise you that.