Logan Paul Announces That He Wants To Run For President

Logan Paul knows no boundaries, and now he has his sights set on the ultimate goal of any influencer... become the next President.

Logan paul president usa
He's got the hair down. Now he just needs to work on his orange tan. | © Impaulsive

What the f***. Why is this happening? Why does Logan Paul want to run for President, and why is this a possibility, after the clown we had for the better part of the last decade? Yes, the sh*t-show that was Donald Trump actually makes me believe someone like Logan Paul can become President, and, yes, the better-looking Paul brother is dead serious about running when he turns 35.

Logan Paul Wants To Run For President

Honestly, is it more absurd than Donald Trump? No, not really. Besides, from a human point of view... Logan Paul is probably better qualified than the orange man. His first pitch of what he's going to do? "Seriously good sh*t." Ok.

This is actually not a new thought, Logan stated his desire to become the POTUS before, when he said this in 2020:

Before I die, I will be President of the United States. And honestly, I will probably be a very good president.

Now he doubled down in the latest episode of his podcast, making it clear that he wasn't kidding:

I really do think I’m gonna make a run for president when I’m 35. Like, deadass. I don’t know [what I would do, if I were elected], I have to do more research, but I think I could do some seriously good sh*t that is so necessary.

Honestly, I already like that more than anything Trump has ever promised, but still... isn't it scary that Logan Paul is actually serious about this, and... even worse... he has reason to actually be serious and confident about it. What a time to be alive. Imagine Logan Paul bringing about world peace 10 years from now, with Jake reigning as the greatest boxer of all time...