Crazy YouTuber To Pay $60M For Kanye West x Pete Davidson Fight

Kanye West and Pete Davidson might fight it out in the Boxing ring to settle an online feud that one YouTuber's ready to pay $60 USD to resolve...

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Will these two blokes bang... bash it out? | © Universal Pictures (left) / Warner Bros. (right)

In another show of support for impoverished artists Kanye West and Pete Davidson, one particular YouTuber has doubled his offer to provide them with a load of cash to - you guessed - beat the living daylights out of each other. Is Kanye a professional fighter? No. Is Pete Davidson a professional fight? No. Are they going to fight? Who the fork knows!

You see, good ol' Kanye West might not actually be impoverished, but seeing as the dude recently split with his wife, he certainly could do with some cheering up. Thirty million bucks would certainly do the trick, if you ask me, but what about Pete Davidson? Why would he agree to takin' a good smacking for some cash?

Kanye and Mr Davidson have some pretty intense online rivalry going on, some real top-shelf drama. We're not going to go into that here (look, the dude's dating Kanye's ex-wife, so a bit of tension is to be expected), but we are going to say: this is apparently affecting Kim and Kanye's kids, and that surely isn't a good thing. Perhaps a good little bit of rough-housing could help them out?

Jake Paul Offers $60 Million For Kanye and Pete Davidson To Fight

Doubling his previous offer, Jake Paul has decided to offer a $60 Million USD pay-out if these two rivals take to the boxing arena to settle their differences. Mr Paul has even gone as far as to say that he was "sick" of the online feud and that he is concerned that "it's affecting the kids' lives, like Kanye and Kim's kids."

He then went on to roast Pete Davidson to the point that we wouldn't be surprised to see him to pop out of the Jake Paul oven as a roast chicken.

The money might not excite Kanye. But what will excite him is beating up Pete Davidson. And I know Pete used to live in his mom’s basement. So $30 million dollars to him is a lot of money. Plus pay-per-view upside

Oof, that's pretty brutal, man. Some Joe Rogan-level comedy right there, though. Jake Paul doubled the sum he was ready to put on the table for a fight, and to be honest, if it's for the sake of the kids? Well, you've always gotta look after the kiddies.

Everyone knows I was the highest-paid boxer last year. I can personally guarantee the money myself. But we do have partners and the money is there, the money is good.

Will Kanye and Pete Davidson Fight?

Yeah, look, probably not. I mean, as Paul himself admitted, Kanye's rich as fork, so an extra $30 million ain't gonna do too much for him. Then again, the guy's such a troll that perhaps he'd do it just for the meme. If Davidson and Kanye agree to it, then the meme level would certainly be at such a point that we'll be wheeling out Pepe the Frog before sundown!