Logan Paul Is in a Video Game Now... I'm Done.

Logan Paul is everywhere these days, and now that is a literal statement, because he will also be in WWE 2K22.

Logan paul wwe game
Your future president, y'all. | © WWE

Logan Paul wants to run for President. Logan Paul wants to fight Mike Tyson. Logan Paul wants to do everything that any kid has ever dreamt of. Literally. Because now... the dude is in a video game.

WWE 2K22 Adds Logan Paul DLC

Alongside Logan, Machine Gun Kelly, Ronda Rousey, and Mr. T will join WWE 2K22 as DLC, because obviously, the game is not selling well with its original offering of actual wrestlers. To be fair though, Logan Paul is actually set to compete at Wrestlemania 2022, so it's not exactly a huge stretch to have him added to the game. Specifically, Logan will team up with The Miz against Rey Mysterio and his son.

WWE 2K22 is releasing now, on March 11, and the game looks to get the WWE series back to a glory that is so far back, that I don't even remember the last time the game was any good. If these celebrity additions are any indications, this latest installment is not confident enough to stand on the legs of its gameplay, but, of course, only time will tell. To me, it's a shame, because we definitely need some variety in the realm of fighting games: These days it's all platform fighters, along the likes of Tekken and Street Fighter, and while the announcement of Street Fighter 6 is exciting, a non-traditional fighting game would be a breat of fresh air, and since EA can't get their sh*t together with the UFC franchise, WWE 2K22 has my hopes riding on it.

Will I end up being disappointed? Probably. but at least I get to whoop Logan Paul's ass with The Rock. I'll take it.