Will Logan Paul Go Full-Time With WWE?

Logan Paul is reportedly considering a full-time WWE career, and we all hope that this means his cringe will be more ignorable...

Logan paul wwe
Logan Paul may be going full-time with his WWE aspirations. | © WWE via YouTube

It seems that Logan Paul will be making the shift from cringe-as-fork millionaire YouTuber to cringe-as-fork fake wrestling champion. Sounds fun? Well, he'll probably end up with a broken nose or two, let's be real.

It seems that amongst running for President and all that jazz, the Paul brothers are going to have the time for a proper WWE career. How? Well, we expect they'll need to drop that whole Arnold Schwarzenegger movie... thing. Oh, and let's be real, Logan would probably be such a lazy President that Trump's golf-playing would be hugely productive by comparison.

So Logan Paul's Considering Full-Time WWE, Huh?

The older Paul brother is considering a full-time WWE career, according to a recent interview he did with TMZ. He did put on caveat on the whole endeavor, that his fans have to want it, but let's be real: considering his target audience, that ain't too unlikely! Here's a li'l quote of Mr Paul talkin' himself up, for your amusement:

I don't think it is up to me, I think it is up to the fans to see if they agree with me thinking I am good. I think I'm good, but I'm [forking] biased, though, because I am me. If they like my performance and they like what I can bring to the table then maybe I could entertain that convo.

Now, Logan Paul has admittedly faced off against a couple of professional wrestlers before. Back in 2019, Paul lost to KSI before facing up against Floyd "Money" Mayweather. This bloke's a darn undefeated boxing champion so, of course, Paul lost that particular battle. His fans still seemed pretty impressed with him, though, so what do I know?

Look, I've been baggin' the hell out of Logan and Jake Paul in this article and yes, they deserve it, but honestly no hate or anything. They seem to be doing what they love, and you can't blame them for it. Considering just how much darn money they have, it's kind of to be expected. Just please don't run for President, okay?