Logan Paul is Suing Floyd Mayweather

After months of Jake Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather rumors, Logan Paul has confirmed that he's suing the former boxing champion.
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After Logan, Floyd Mayweather might be about to box Jake Paul as well. | © Amanda Westcott/Showtime

Rumors of a potential Floyd Mayweather vs. Jake Paul fight have been circling ever since Mayweather bested Logan last year. The thing is, though, that the 50-0 professional boxer has created a little more than just rumors - last year, he more or less confirmed the ordeal!

[Update: May 17, 2022]

Logan Paul Sues Floyd Mayweather

Logan Paul has confirmed in an interview with TMZ Sports that he will be suing Floyd Mayweather after the boxing legend failed to pay him for last year's fight. After being asked about the fight, and whether he has been paid in full by Mayweather, Paul announced that he was taking the matter to court.

No, he has not paid me in full, that is a fact. I’m short a few mil, yeah... we’re taking this one to court! Yeah, we’re taking him to court. See you in the courtroom. Congrats, you’re going to prison, Floyd.

To be fair, this does look a lot like your standard Logan/Jake Paul trash talking charade, but he did seem legitimately angry at the whole thing when pressed with questions. He confirmed to the journalist that "I'm not [forking] with you, we are taking him to court".

It is very unlikely that such a lawsuit would result in the imprisonment of Mayweather, though it is possible that with such a large amount owing (Paul confirmed that the number was in the millions), something like that could be possible.

[Update: April 1, 2022]

Jake Paul Slams Floyd Mayweather for Avoiding Him

Jake Paul has said that he is ready and open for a fight against Floyd Mayweather but that the martial arts superstar is avoiding him because he is "past his prime". Paul has been keen to participate in the fight, also challenging other major professional fighters to bang it out in the ring.

In an interview on YouTube, Jake Paul has commented on the potential Mayweather fight, saying the following...

I'm open, you know, I would fight Mayweather but he won't fight me. We saw that [he was past his prime] when I took his hat... The guy has got a lot of s**t going on up here [in his head].

In agreeing with the interviewer that Mayweather is past his prime, Jake Paul has stepped up his trash talk game in this particular conflict. It'll be interesting to see whether he can realistically carry such a fight, or whether he'll get his ass handed to him like so many others.

[ORIGINAL ARTICLE: June 7, 2021]

Floyd Mayweather didn't exactly win the boxing match with Logan Paul, but that's only because there wasn't an official winner declared. If you want to know all about what happened in the fight, you can see our full recap of the Mayweather vs. Logan Paul event.

Now that it's over, the question for Floyd and Logan is, quite simply, what's next? Both gave us a hint at what they're looking for in the near future. Let's take a little squiz...

Floyd Mayweather vs. Jake Paul?

It seems very likely that Floyd Mayweather will face off against Jake Paul in the Boxing Ring. Floyd gave a couple of lengthy interviews before the match, wherein he touched on some key points. In one, he revealed the stupendous amount of money he's already made from the Logan fight. In another, he gave us some food for thought.

When asked what he plans to do next, the boxing champ gave a shout-out to Jake Paul.

We’ll just see. After Logan, probably Jake. We don’t know, we’ll see.

Obviously, nothing is set in stone, but it's clear Mayweather is pleased with the business relations he's had so far with the Paul family and would be interested in doing some more.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul Rematch?

Logan may not be ready to give his brother the spotlight just yet. He spoke after the match of the probability of a rematch with Floyd.

Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul 2? I don’t know! Let me get a little better.

Again, nothing definitive, but the desire is there, which should do for now.

We can see how anyone or both of these scenarios could materialize in the future, so stay tuned for the next chapter of the Mayweather-Paul chapter.