The Jake Paul and Conor McGregor Fight Will Happen!

Jake paul Connor Mc Gregor fight
Jake Paul claims Mcgregor fight is a thing! | © Jake Paul, Connor McGregor

Jake Paul claims he will fight MMA Star Conor McGregor. At least he made that claim on a podcast. Whether or not Conor McGregor agreed is yet unknown.

Jake Paul's story is actually kind of insane, it was not too long ago that he was fighting out of shape bums, AKA YouTubers and naturally dominating them in the ring. Now jump forward a year, and he is fighting actual top athletes like former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley on August 29th.

Jake Paul already has his sights set on who to fight after Woodley: His next, next target is none other than the Notorious Conor McGregor.

The influencer, now turned professional boxer, Jake Paul, impressed the world with his quick KO of Askren in the first round of their televised bout. Askren like Woodley and McGregor, is an MMA fighter – though Askren was noticeably out of shape when he fought Jake Paul.

Conor McGregor needs no introduction as he is arguably the world's most known fighter. He is a former UFC featherweight and lightweight double-champion.

When will Jake Paul fight Conor McGregor ?

When asked by the podcast host, 'will you fight Conor McGregor', Jake confidently told him, it will happen. Jump to 6:45 to hear the question and answer by Jake.

“I think it will happen. Look, I’m the money fight for Conor McGregor right now. There is no other fighter right now who is on a bigger level than me that is calling out Conor McGregor and wants to fight Conor. Our team is in touch with his team and there’s talk of it actually happening.”

No date has been confirmed at this point in time as the fighters are still in talks. Keep in mind that fighters need a lot of time to recover or prepare for fights. Seeing how Jake Paul is set to fight Woodly at the end of August a fight date against Conor would be late 2021 or possibly early 2022.

While the fight still remains unconfirmed, if we believe Jake's words, the fight is happening. So, will Jake Paul be a flash in the pan, or will this newfound fighter rise to new heights? Chances are strong as Jake Paul is a legit good fighter.

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