Jake Paul Will Fight Michael Bisping, So WTF is Wrong?

Jake Paul and Michael Bisping, so what's the bloody problem? Well, Jake has a few issues with the terms of the match...
Jake paul michael bisping
How will this go? | © Jake Paul via Twitter / Michael Bisping via Twitter

Jake Paul's lookin' for a smash. He's lookin' for a crash. He's looking to have the living crap beaten out of him or - perhaps - to beat the living crap out of someone else. Violent bloke, isn't he? Anyway, apparently Michael Bisping is keen but, in classic Jake Paul style, he ain't havin' it!

There's ongoing beef, yadda yadda, but the point of the matter is that Michael Bisping is more than willing to fight Jake Paul and settling all of this bollocks. Will he, though? Well, it seems that Jake Paul is the one holding up proceedings. Why? Hold your horses, mate, we'll get to it!

This isn't the first round of beef for Jake Paul as of late, either. He's been a real beefy boy! He's been sharing a plate or two with Mike Tyson recently, been givin' Floyd Mayweather some real trash-talk, and has even offered to pay $60M for a Kanye West x Pete Davidson fight. Jeez-mageez, he has been darn busy!

Why Won't Jake Paul Fight Michael Bisping?

Well, it seems that Jake Paul will only fight Michael Bisping if he got licensed properly in the United States. You see, Bisping was sanctioned by an organization called Tsuut'ina Combative Commission who sanction fights that are not sanctioned by state commissions. The point? Well, Jake Paul doesn't want to fight in Canada.

In response to Michael Bisping's challenge, Jake Paul said the following:

@Bisping post legal confirmation that you are not under UFC contract and I will get you a contract. You retired in 2017 and Dana still got you by the balls. And we fight where I tell you we fight.

So if Jake Paul will only fight him if he agrees to a location of Paul's choosing, what does this mean for Bisping? Well, it means that it is kind-of unlikely that this fight will happen at all, to be honest. It's a shame, and we are yet to see or hear a response from Bisping.

Look, maybe the duo can reach an agreement privately and then make it publicly after those proceedings. After all, they do seem pretty hungry for each other's blood, and if they're successful... well... it could be an historic fight! Maybe... perhaps... we'll see...