Jake Paul Back With Julia Rose Despite Public Breakup

It seems that, despite an incredibly public breakup, Jake Paul and Julia Rose are dating once again.
Jake paul julia rose
Jake Paul is finally back together with Julia Rose. | © Jake Paul via Instagram

Jake Paul, that famous YouTuber and professional fighter we've all come to love over the years, is back with Julia Rose only months after their explosive split back in February. We didn't cover the split back-in-the-day because we didn't want to contribute to the hate and drama that surrounded the incident, but it is good to see the couple back together and happy.

In the months since their split, a lot has happened for Jake Paul. Mike Tyson trash-talked him, he trash-talked Floyd Mayweather, and Arnold Schwarzenegger expressed interest in working more closely with both him and Logan. In other words: it has been a busy few months, and Julia Rose is going to have a lot to catch up on!

It seems, though, that the two of them were a whole lot better off than we originally thought. Everything seemed pretty bad back in February, with Paul posting a picture of him gettin' a little close and personal with Instagram Sky Bri. Julia Rose hadn't been very happy about this development, saying that it was a "prime example of why I broke up with him".

Jake Paul and Julia Rose Are Dating Again

Jake Paul has confirmed that he is back with Julia Rose in an interview with the New York Post. In the interview he mentioned that she's a "big part of [his] life" and that he certainly does have time for dating, despite his many commitments.

This follows an explosive report from Page Six a couple of months ago that not only announced that Jake Paula nd Julia Rose had split. It made the claim that whilst he would like to get back together with Rose, they both needed to "slow down their lives".

During the New York Post interview, Jake Paul was asked whether he had the time for a relationship. After confirming and looking off camera, seemingly searching for Julia Rose, Paul said that she's still a big part of his life.

Right, Julia... I don’t know if she’s there. But yeah, that’s a big part of my life

So there you have it, one of the hottest celebrity couples in the world are back together, seemingly having a jolly ol' time. It is very true that they must have a rather difficult time, with her a popular model an incredibly busy YouTube and fighting star. How do they find time for each other? Well... the answer to that question isn't as hard to decipher as it may seem...