Jake Paul Froths Over Good Ol' Elon

Jake Paul has expressed a great deal of admiration towards Elon Musk on - you guessed it - Twitter. This bloke's in love!

Jake Paul and Elon Musk
Jake Paul declares his Love for Elon Musk on Twitter | © Instagram/JakePaul, Twitter

We've got a tasty little nugget for you. Do you remember how Elon Musk bought Twitter a few weeks ago, and the internet has got all up-in-arms about it... both the Muskians and the Anti-Musks? Yeah, well it turns out that Mr. Jake Paul is a Muskian himself (of course he is, just look at all that money!) and is ready to die for the billionaire bloke.

Brother of that guy who reacted rather distastefully when he found a dead body in a Japanese forest, Jake Paul seems to be quite excited about Musk's takeover. As usual, this latest pro-Musk opinion is predicated on the bizarre belief that Elon Musk was going to give us all a bunch more "free speech", seemingly despite of the fact that Twitter is not a lawmaker.

It will forever be a confusing opinion but, hey, it's an opinion that we're just going to have to deal with from now on. After all, trying to debate these people is pretty much impossible. Tesla CEO Elon Musk did buy Twitter, yes, but that doesn't mean he is going to fix free speech. That literally makes no sense.

Jake Paul and Elon Musk are Getting Saucy

Jake Paul jumped onto Twitter to express his love of Elon Musk, and calling the billionaire "real life Superman". This was in response to tweets from a bloke called Benny Johnson who spoke out about a Twitter executive who had said that Elon Musk has aspersers.

A leaked video released by Project Veritas also revealed a Senior Engineer at Twitter who claimed that if Twitter was bought by Elon Musk, everyone's jobs would be at stake.

Our jobs are at stake; he's a capitalist and we weren't really operating as capitalists, more like very socialist... We're all like commie as [fork].

The poor dude probably will lose his job now that this got leaked, but we're not here to talk about that, we're here to talk about Jake Paul.

In a response to Benny Johnson's Tweet, which was also retweeted by Elon Musk, who said "Twitter exec trashing free speech & mocking people with Asperger's...", Jake Paul slammed the revelations as "insanity".

Here's the deal, mate: left-wing people work at left-wing company's in left-wing states in the United States. Don't like it? Don't go on Twitter! Angry about how all of this has gone down? Deal with it! For goodness' sake, this bloke's all out of whack, isn't he? I'm not a fan of Twitter or Musk, isn't that unbelievable? He's not a superhero, and Twitter's not perfect.