Elon Musk Is Back On Track For Buying Twitter...Again

Elon Musk might finally have shelled out 44 billion bucks to buy Twitter... again.

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Elon Musk has always got a plan. | © Twitter

Elon Musk's never ending quest to become a real life Tony Stark seemingly continues. You were probably hoping for a "This was all fake" or "This isn't happening after all" update, right? Well, sorry, but no.

After the deal was "on hold" for about half a year, it seems that the transaction has now officially happened. After Musk's representatives recently informed Twitter, that the billionaire now intends to follow through with buying the platform, and they actually followed through. The back and forth has ended, and Musk is now officially the owner of Twitter.

He announced this new purchase on Twitter by posting a video with a kinda funny but also kinda cringe caption.

Yeah, good ol' Elon is really sassy with his jokes there. Carrying a sink into his new multi-billion dollar purchase. Very cool.

The purchase was delayed for so long because Elon was claiming that as much as 20% of Twitter's users are fake or spam accounts. I guess that would have significantly diminished its worth.

Both parties were actually planning on heading to court over this. But it seems like our boy Elon was getting concerned over the trial, so as one of the conditions of the transaction he requested that the trial should not proceed.

To me, that smells a little fishy. I guess our tech-billionaire was getting concerned. Maybe the trial was just a tactic to lower the market value of Twitter, so he can buy it cheaper? But … that would be kinda shady, no? Heck yeah, it would be! That would instantly turn him from real life Tony Stark, into a super-villain to be, joining Jeff Bezoz, a.k.a. Lex Luthor.

What the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk means for the platform going forward is still not quite clear, but people are rather divided in their opinions. The #TwitterTakeover started off with Musk firing the platform's CEO and CFO and unbanning a whole bunch of conservatives and possibly the sh*t talking overlord Donald Trump.

Guess the next time I go on Twitter, I'm gonna need a hazmat suit, with all the radioactive bullsh*t people will be spouting on there in the future.

The next presidential election is gonna be wild: