Looks Like Robert Downey & Iron Man Will Return to MCU

Armor Wars was supposed to be a Disney series, but now Marvel has suddenly - and surprisingly - bumped it up to a movie. Why?

Iron Man jpg
The end is never the end. | © Marvel

So, let's start this piece with confirmed news: The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Marvel has decided to turn Armor Wars into a movie, rather than a series for Disney. Now, call me a tin-hat man, but am I crazy to think that this might somehow be related to Robert Downey Jr returning as Iron Man?

Armor Wars TV Series Turned Into Movie

The official reason given as to why Armor Wars will get a theatrical release is that Marvel simply wants to tell the story the right way. Apparently, a movie is that way, but if you ask me... that doesn't make any sense. If you're trying to tell a proper story, TV will always be the better medium: A season of 6 or more episodes gives you way more room for storytelling than any movie. So that leaves only two reasons as to why Marvel is doing this: There is not enough story for a TV series, or this project has too much potential for TV and is cinema-worthy.

Robert Downey Jr: The Reason for Armor Wars Movie?

Now, given how much money goes into movies, I highly doubt that Marvel would turn Armor Wars into a film, if the story was an issue - there's too much at stake with the Marvel brand. That only leaves the latter as an explanation: Armor Wars would be wasted on TV. Now... why would that be? Could it be related to Robert Downey Jr's deleted tweet stating something along the lines of: "Wolverine coming back from the dead? Sounds like a good idea...", which he tweeted - and deleted - right after it was announced that Wolverine would be joining the MCU. Now, with the price-tag that Robert Downey Jr demands - and the money he generates - he simply would be wasted on TV, so... call me crazy, but I think I'm onto something, and when Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr do return to the MCU... well, you heard it here first.