Wiz Khalifa Might Come to MultiVersus

Wiz Khalifa is a fan of MultiVersus and actually asked to be in the game. Where can I sign that petition?

Wiz khalifa multiversus
Wiz will fit right in. | © Jack Malone

Y'all know that Wiz Khalifa can actually fight, right? The man's a certified MMA beast, so him asking to be in MultiVersus is more than just a celebrity asking to be in the game: This is a gamer/fighter who wants to be part of a game he actually plays. Makes a lot of sense to me, and I think if the developers play this right... MultiVersus could turn into the Celebrity Deathmatch game we wanted all along.

Wiz Khalifa Might Join MultiVersus

Hear me out here: Brawlhalla - which is another great platform fighter - is doing the most with crossovers, but they haven't tapped into a huge source of attention: Celebrities. Even Fortnite doesn't have all that many celebs, outside of actors, but MultiVersus has a unique chance here: The game is already loaded with famous movie-characters, and has no lore or gameplay-loop that stands in the way of infinite skins. They could - and absolutely should - include celebrity skins. Why? First of all, everyobdy loved Celebrity Death Match. Second, it's the best marketing you could think of, and, third, celebrities are already asking to be in the game:

Do it. Brawlhalla has shown that re-skinning a character with new VFX is enough. There is no need to give these celebrity crossovers a whole new moveset. Fortnite has been on that re-skin thing for ages, and it's working wonders for them. MultiVersus has a huge opportunity here, and they have Wiz Khalifa to thank for opening their eyes on the possibility of leveraging real life celebrities.

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