Leaker Claims Sonic Frontiers Game Was Stolen From A Convention Booth

A leaker is claiming that a contact of theirs stole the Sonic Frontiers game from a booth at the EGX Convention. But what will they do with the material? And will they get away with it?

Sonic Frontiers Stolen
You might be seeing a lot more of this game before the release than you were expecting... | © SEGA

This is possibly even more outrageous than the 17-year-old currently being held in UK police custody for hacking Rockstar and sharing over 90 gameplay videos of GTA 6. Obviously, it's a much less significant game, but the way the material was recovered is so much more brazen. This wasn't just another hacker from behind a laptop screen, this was someone essentially committing physical theft, in-person. Those poor, poor convention workers. Well, we say "poor convention workers", but apparently one of them helped with this daring robbery — a man on the inside. Let's get into the details.

Sonic Frontiers Stolen From Convention Booth

A Super Smash Bros streamer, who's also very big in the world of Sonic, first shared this news. His claim is that a friend, "I've known this fella for years", went to the EGX gaming convention and stole Sonic Frontiers from one of the booths via USB. This was only possible thanks to the help of one member of staff, as another contact of his explained:

Remember one of the staff at the booths knew him? He actually helped him do it. Each staff member had like a sort of lane to watch when the demo ends, so once it ends you get removed so more people can play. The person he knew was in the lane he was playing and allowed him enough time to take the demo. I think he downloaded it by Google Drive while playing or USB.

In a follow-up Tweet, he added that it was made easier by "really lax" security. At this point the original perpetrator is believed to still have the game, but he hasn't shared gameplay on any big channels yet.

So there you have it Sonic fans, the game might start appearing on your timeline any day now, but not via official channels. Beware spoilers.

What do you think about "leaks" like this, does it cross the line into theft? Or are you just excited by the prospect of seeing more gameplay ahead of release?

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