Fall Guys x Sonic Crossover Map Leaked

Fall Guys and Sonic are doing a crossover. It's going to be huge, and it's going to include actual content, not just cosmetics. The new map that celebrates the crossover has just been leaked online. Let's take a look!

Sonic and fall guys
It's coming... | © Sega / Epic Games

Fall Guys has been acquired by Epic Games, and if we know anything about the people that run Fortnite, it's that they love crossovers. Seriously, Fortnite has done collabs with pretty much everyone in the industry at this point, and so it's no wonder that they're going to try the same thing with Fall Guys. We've already had some classics, but now it's time for everyone's favorite hedgehog: Sonic. Part of this crossover will include a new map, and thankfully, it's just been leaked!

Fall Guys x Sonic Map: Bean Hill Zone

As first shared by Fall Guy leaker Pancake, the new Sonic crossover map "Bean Hill Zone" can be accessed by players using a certain exploit. This goes against the Terms of Service of the game, and so we aren't allowed to tell you how to do this exploit and access the map yourself, but we can show you the map. We think it looks like an awesome new course for Fall Guys, check it out:

This looks far better than we were expecting, especially because we've been let down by so many other terrible Sonic products recently. As one viewer commented: "Definitely the best looking & most colorful map we've ever gotten, wow!"

When Will Bean Hill Zone Be Released?

The Sonic x Fall Guys map, Bean Hill Zone, doesn't have an official release date, but if the map is already in the game files, then we would guess it's coming before the next big season update on August, 29. It could be released any day now, given it's already been leaked, but we'll see how Epic respond. Historically, they don't get too bothered by leakers putting out future content.

Alongside the new map you can expect new Sonic x Fall Guys cosmetics, but we don't have any exact details regarding these yet. We'll update you when we hear more about the new outfits, let's just hope they look as good as some of these Fall Guy crossover skins.

Until then, check out our essential guide on how NOT to fall in Fall Guys, we promise you won't be disappointed...