Fall Guys is Going Free-to-Play & Coming to Xbox and Switch!

There are huge news about Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout! The game is finally coming to PS5, Xbox and Switch, and it's going to be free-to-play!
Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout
Fall Guy's breakthrough will be bigger than ever! | © Epic Games

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, is a bean-based battle royale game that was launched in 2020. It quickly gained success, which led to developer Mediatonic being bought by Epic Games. Since then, it has followed the Fortnite Lite model, which includes new modes and seasons, as well as regular crossovers with other brands. However, what should have been a fun game, quickly lost its hype, but now it could come back bigger than before.

Mediatonic announced in an exclusive live stream that Fall Guys will be free-to-play, but that's not all - Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be released not only on PlayStation and PC, but also on Xbox and the Nintendo Switch! And we also get crossplay! Here are the details.

When will Fall Guys be free-to-play?

Fall guys will be free-to-play on all platforms starting June 21, 2022. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will receive a special bonus - they'll get free costumes for the first three months. In addition, Fall Guys will be downloadable through the Epic Games Store in the future.

Fall Guys "Free For All" Content Update

Fall Guys' move to a free-to-play model will be accompanied by a new season called "Free For All," which will feature new challenges and rewards, new events and locations, major updates to the progression system, and the new in-game currency: Show-Bucks. Players will be able to purchase the Fall Guys Season Pass with Show Bucks, similar to the V-Bucks system in Fortnite, but there will also be a free version for it.

Existing players (the idiots who paid for Fall Guys, sorry at this point) will also get free cosmetics and a free season pass in a Legacy Pack bundle. Sound nice? It is.

Of course, if you don't want to wait, you can still buy Fall Guys via Steam for PC and via the PlayStation Store for 19.99 dollars. But we advise you to wait the few weeks and enjoy the full program for free!