Leak Reveals New Silent Hill Game, Konami Confirms It By Accident

A leaker revealed a brand-new Silent Hill game with a batch of images. Publisher Konami was so smart and accidentally confirmed their legitimacy. See all details here.

New Silent Hill Game Leaked
RIP Silent Hills, long live Silent Hill - a leaker just revealed new title in the franchise. | © Konami

There hasn't been a new Silent Hill game in ages, but we might be getting a new entry to the legendary franchise soon(-ish). A leaker revealed images from an unannounced Silent Hill project on Twitter, and we know that this seems legit. We have a trigger-happy publisher to thank for that one...

Konami Accidentally Confirms Silent Hill Leak

This leak comes from AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem over on Twitter. They revealed a batch of images from a new Silent Hill game, which hasn't been announced yet. DuskGolem, or Ryan, as his friends call him, is a known and reliable inside source in the video game industry. So, we trust him on this one.

There's also another reason why we trust him. We would usually embed the tweet that functions as a source, but Konami, who own the Silent Hill IP, hit Ryan with copyright strikes, which resulted in all the images being removed. You can see some of these images in this screenshot, though:

Silent Hill Leaks Screenshot
Here are the leaked images. | © Twitter/Konami/DuskGolem

You know what that means though, don't you? This action by Konami confirms the legitimacy of the leaked material, meaning that this new Silent Hill game is real. Why else would they go to this trouble? Thanks for the self-own Konami, we would have needed to bust out our good ol' salt shaker and add some grains to this story. But they already served the delicious, perfectly cooked snack on a silver platter. Yummy!

In his short thread, Ryan revealed some info on this specific game, more concretely that the names "Anita & Maya" as well as "SMS messages" will play a role. What that means? No clue, brother.

Mr. Golem over there also revealed another sweet nugget of info: this is not the only Silent Hill project that's in development! We pretty much knew that already, but it feels good to read that again. And it feels good to know, that we will get more Silent Hill in the near future.