Two New Silent Hill Games Are Coming

Leaks revealed that Konami is working on two new Silent Hill games. Unfortunately, neither will involve Hideo Kojima...
Silent hill new game remake remaster konami
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Recently, VGC dropped a big bomb, revealing that Konami is working on a Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater remake, a new Castlevania game, and the two Silent Hill games you're reading this for. While the MGS 3 remaster and Castlevania reboot are more clear-cut, the Silent Hill projects are shrouded in much more mystery. Rumor has it that one game is in development at a "prominent" Japanese developer, while the other is being handled by Bloober Team. If you're not familiar with the latter, they worked on The Medium, which had serious Silent Hill vibes, so them possibly working on the new Silent Hill game would make a lot of sense (you can read our Medium review here, by the way). It makes even more sense for Bloober team to be attached, since they just recently announced an official partnership with Konami.

As for the other studio working on a Silent Hill game... well, no one really knows, except for that it's meant to be a "prominent" Japanese developer. Of course, this has many people believing, or rather hoping, that Hideo Kojima would be involved, but that seems very unlikely. For one, there's the fact that Kojima and Konami hate each other, and, for another, there's industry insider Nick Baker who claims to know that Kojima Productions is not working on a Silent Hill project, and is actually working on an Xbox game: He talks about it in his podcast at the 1:10:26 mark.

If Nick Baker's word is not enough for you, then here's another reliable leaker. Millie A had this to say on the Kojima rumors:

Don't let Millie A's low retweet and follower numbers fool you: This leaker has come out of nowhere and been right time and time again.

So where does this leave us? We know that two Silent Hill games are coming, and we can rather safely assume that one is in the hands of the devs behind The Medium. As for the Japanese-made Silent Hill game... we'll just have to wait and see. Don't hold your breath on Kojima being involved though, you'll likely just end up disappointed.

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