A New Castlevania Game Is in Development

Rumors suggest that Konami is working on a new Castlevania game. Will this game be tied to the anime? We have everything on the Castlevania reboot below.

Konami has been quiet for a while. The last big headlines they made weren't exactly great: They parted ways with Hideo Kojima, and released eFootball – a sh*tshow of a game. It seems that Konami was only biding their time, because they sure came out firing now. Well... technically, they didn't come out firing, but you know how it goes these days: It all starts with a rumor, and this particular rumor is fire.

What Castlevania Game Is Konami Working on?

Supposedly, this new Castlevania game will serve as a reboot to the franchise, which certainly has a lot of new fans, thanks to the Netflix anime. Many of these fans, have no idea how old of a gaming franchise Castlevania is, nor are the old games really all that accessible. With that in mind, a fresh reboot definitely makes sense for the franchise.

The report comes our way courtesy of VGC, who name multiple sources close to Konami as the origin of these rumors. More than just a reboot, this new Castlevania game will be a complete re-imagining: No 2D, no retro – none of that. The rumor comes without a release date, and if anything, it looks like we won't even be getting any official news before 2022.

What could this new Castlevania game look like? If you ask me, I always felt like the series should've taken cues from God of War long ago. Dante's Inferno did, almost a decade ago, and that was a decent game without a brand name. If Castlevania takes some serious God of War inspiration, and maybe mixes that with the aesthetics of the anime... who knows, we might just have something special on our hands. God knows, the anime is popular enough and the God of War comparisons would certainly help in creating awareness and generating attention.

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