Fall Guys and Among Us Crossover Confirmed!

Fall Guys and Among Us Crossover CONFIRMED
I've been waiting 84 years. (Credit: Fall Guys YouTube)

The Fall Guys and Among Us Crossover is really happening! Are you guys excited to be ejected into 4041?

Okay, not to toot my own horn, but I literally said this was happening on Friday. Seriously:

Last week, it was speculation due to some tweets that the Fall Guys devs made, but they were suuuuper sus, so we all kind of knew that this was coming. Nevertheless, it has now been made official, and we're very excited to announce:

Fall Guys and Among Us are collaborating!

Are There Among Us Costumes in Fall Guys?

There will be in Season 4! Freaking finally!

The video is actually Fall Guys’ Season 4 trailer, but the very end shows that the Fall Guys and Among Us crossover is indeed happening and we couldn’t be happier about this. What this collab is going to look like? No idea. Costumes? Obviously. But which costumes and will there actually be lava, like in the trailer? Would certainly give the whole thing a nice touch.

And what about Among Us? Could there also be something Fall Guys-related coming soon? Maybe a costume for our lethal astronauts? Would only be fair right?


When Is The Fall Guys Season 4 Release Date?

Fall Guys Season 4 is being released on March 22nd (so next Monday, in exactly one week) and will be available upon release on Steam and PlayStation.

Remember that Fall Guys will also come to the Switch and Xbox this summer. Until then, you can just play Among Us on your Switch and prepare yourself for battle.

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