17-Year-Old Arrested For Hacking Rockstar Denies Charges

The GTA 6 leak which occurred last weekend was the result of Rockstar being hacked. And the culprit behind the attack has already been arrested by police in the UK. He was only 17!

GTA 6 Hacker arrested
This was the definition of a "5-star" persuit. | © Rockstar

GTA 6 is surely going to be the biggest game of the decade (whenever it does finally come out). And so any leaks, no matter how small, are sure to attract attention. But what we got last weekend was the mother of all leaks. A person, who was unknown at the time, shared over 90 videos of gameplay from GTA 6. It soon became clear that this person wasn't an insider prepared to leak, but a hacker who had effectively "stolen" the material.

So far fans have already been able to piece together a detailed map of GTA 6 based on these leaks, and while that's exciting for some, we think it's bad news for the fans and developers alike. But good news or bad news, it wasn't going to go unpunished. And they've just tracked down the suspect.

17-Year-Old Arrested For Hacking Rockstar

The City of London police announced via Twitter that they had apprehended a 17-year-old suspect of the Rockstar hacking attack on Thursday, September 22. Per UK law, we don't have details on the suspect as they're still legally a child, but we can share their announcement with you:

On the evening of Thursday 22 September 2022, the City of London Police arrested a 17-year-old in Oxfordshire on suspicion of hacking, as part of an investigation supported by the @NCA_UK’s National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU).

He remains in police custody.

We're interested to know whether he was working alone, which seems unlikely. But if he was then he sounds like a young Lester Crest.

Update September 28: Suspect Denies Charges

According to Eurogamer, the accused has pled not guilty to Computer Misuse. As they write:

"The 17-year-old who appeared at Highbury Corner Youth Court on 24th September has pleaded guilty to breaching his bail conditions and not guilty to computer misuse," City of London detective inspector Michael O'Sullivan said.

"The teenager has been remanded to a youth detention centre."

That's all we know so far, but this is breaking news and a huge story, so we're sure there's more to follow. We'll keep you updated, but until then why not check out the leaks that got this kid arrested?

To find out everything we know so far about GTA 6, check out this vid:

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