Fall Guys x Sonic: Collab Skins & Release Date Leaked

Fall Guys have just revealed their latest collaboration: Sonic The Hedgehog. Check out the skins and the release date below.

Sonic and fall guys
The Fall Guys x Sonic collab is finally almost here! | © Epic Games
Fall Guys are now owned by Epic, and if Epic have learned anything about how to make a successful game it's by collaborating with big franchises. Seriously, we get a new skin line every week in Fortnite, and it looks like Fall Guys is heading in the same direction.

The latest big Fall Guys crossover will be with Sonic the Hedgehog. Thanks to leakers, we can now share the release date and the skins with you.

When Is The Sonic x Fall Guys Collab Release Date?

The Sonic x Fall Guys crossover event will run from Thursday, August 11, until Monday, August 15, and it will feature a number of new costumes in the store and a new obstacle course / map. The event will be called Sonic's Adventure, and it's being slated as the biggest and most ambitious Fall Guys crossover we've ever seen. This could even rival some of the massive new Fortnite collabs.

Throughout the event, you will be able to complete a number of challenges to earn a nameplate, a pattern, a pair of shoes, 200 kudos, and when all challenges are complete 400 kudos. Here are the challenges we know about so far:

  • You're Too Slow! (A)
    • Run 2000 meters in Gotta Go Fast
  • Im Outta Here! (A)
    • Run 1000 meters in Round 1 of Gotta Go Fast
  • Knock Knock! (A)
    • Get Rings in Round 1 of Gotta Go Fast (30)
  • I'll Do My Best! (A)
    • Get Rings in Round 2 of Gotta Go Fast (70)
  • Get a Load of This! (A)
    • Get Rings in Gotta Go Fast (130)
  • You're Too Slow! (B)
    • Run 5000 meters in Gotta Go Fast!
  • Im Outta Here! (B)
    • Run 1000 meters in Round 2 of Gotta Go Fast
  • Knock Knock! (B)
    • Get Rings in Round 1 of Gotta Go Fast (50)
  • I'll Do My Best! (B)
    • Get Rings in Round 2 of Gotta Go Fast (100)
  • Get a Load of This! (B)
    • Get Rings in Gotta of Gotta Go Fast (140)

Gotta Go Fast is a mode open during the event that pays homage to Sonic. And luckily, it looks like these challenges should be easy enough to complete in Gotta Go Fast.

You've probably noticed the Mr Beast skin if you play regularly, here are just a few of the reasons he became so popular and got himself into games like Fall Guys:

What Are The Sonic x Fall Guys Skins?

In total, we're getting five different skins from the Sonic universe in Fall Guys, basically the main characters plus the villain Dr. Eggman. I think as soon as we all saw the leaked Sonic map that first revealed this collab, we sort of knew what the skins would be. But hey, we're not disappointed.

Here are the skins:

  • Sonic
  • Knuckles
  • Tails
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Super Sonic

They are all available for 800 Show Bucks (about $7). If you want both Knuckles and Sonic, you can buy this pair together for only 1200 Show Bucks and making a small saving. Of course, you won't be buying anything if these are ugly skins, so take a look and judge for yourself:

If you can't stand how the Sonic characters look in the Fall Guy's art style, then take a look at what happened when Sonic was put into Fortnite...

Those were all the details we know so far about the Sonic x Fall Guys collab. What do you think, will you be buying Sonic? And do these skins have the potential to make into the Fall Guys crossover hall of fame?