Twitter No Longer Free: Elon Musk Will Charge for Features

Elon Musk bought Twitter for a lot of money - and now he's found a way to make that money back.

Elon Musk bought Twitter. You know that, no need to elaborate further. Now, the super-villain-in-training, is trying to get money back on his $44 billion investment. If you didn't know - yes, he did dip into his personal finances for this purchase.

Elon Musk Will Charge for Twitter Features

The report comes directly from Reuters, who claim that they've been told Elon is planning to lock features behind a paywall. Specifically, Elon will hide the embed and quote-tweet features behind a paywall, when interacting with verified accounts.

In practical terms that means that unless you cough up some money, you will no longer be able to embed or quote tweets from anyone that's verified. Mind you, that most gaming websites are verified, as are companies, so this will spell doom for many Twitter users reporting on news as individuals.

Also, if your favorite game studio releases a new trailer, you will no longer be able to quote-tweet it. After previously claiming that his purchase is all in the name of free speech, this move is a bit confusing, and it might just be beginning of the Age of Elon - A Super Villain Origin Story. I want that title trademarked, by the way.